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Sending prayers from up north!

Since David is taking you through a workshop in film, I’d to see ideas for movies that others found to be therapeutic in a dark time? Funny movies, specifically. I’m not particularly sophisticated so my movie is Bridesmaids (2011) with the female cast from SNL.

I experienced some pretty grim postpartum with our fourth. I hadn’t felt myself in months. One afternoon while in bed, I turned on the tube and Bridesmaids was on HBO. I laughed for the first time in months. I will always be grateful for that gift. Laughter was healing. I’ve watched it since and don’t find it nearly as amusing but that afternoon in bed, it was exactly what I needed.

Thank you for the updates and God bless you and David as you navigate his illness.

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I hope he's fe8elong better soon. I just had to stay in over night and it was awful! You can't help but hear noises they took my blood pressure and blood draw at 4:30!! I'll keep praying for you both ❤

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So sorry to hear this! it is good to knowhe will be okay soon. Thank you for keeping us updated. We are all pulling for him.

Lots of music here lately, will be back in the loop soon.

Blessings to you both.

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And much better, thanks!!🥰

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