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God of the Desert Books
7 Reasons Why I'm Launching God of The Desert Books...
On June 3, 2021 the publisher where I worked put out a press release: Liberty Island Media Group announced today that David M. Swindle, an editor for the publishing company since 2015, is taking over operations as the new owner, Editor-in-Chief, and Publisher…
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You’ll receive daily content from the God of the Desert Books crew of authors and contributors (2-4 posts per day usually, spaced from morning to night). You will also hear first about the new books coming this year. We have a wide selection of authors and titles across genres and styles. While most of our content is free we do have some special features for our premium subscribers. (By the way: we offer free premium subscriptions to students! Please respond by email to any of our posts after signing up for a free subscription and you will be upgraded.)

Types of content you can expect:

  • Zionist Advocacy and Antisemitism Awareness including David Swindle’s ongoing Antisemitism and Culture series. Please read the first volume of the collection here.

  • PTSD advocacy and writings/podcasts on the struggles of living with the condition.

  • Cultural reflections and favorite media lists

  • New fiction short stories

  • Memoir essays and humorous personal reflections

  • Premium: Sneak peek of the drafting of David Swindle’s The Joy of Political Sects essay collection on ideologies and movements in politics, culture, and religion.

  • Poetry

  • Excerpts from our new books

  • Audio and Video podcasts, including our premium “Book of the Day” feature

  • Premium: Handwritten Journal excerpts, short stories, and personal reflections

  • Spiritual reflections and Mysticism Podcasts

  • Book, film, music, and event reviews

  • Photography and original art

  • Cute animal videos and imagery

  • New Premium Feature Coming Soon: A Fictional Satire of the 21st Century Conservative Movement - A developing draft for a wild humorous literary novel.

We are now accepting submissions and new contributors! To submit content for our substack or query a book simply subscribe to us and reply to any email.


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President, Marketing Director, Associate Editor, Podcast Host, Editor-In-Chief of


Vice President, Art Director, Associate Editor -

Poetry Editor,

Senior Columnists


Historical Non-Fiction Book Review Columnist -

, creator of

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, creator of

Please join our team of Substack contributors and GOTD books authors! We are expanding now and accepting new contributors to write content for the Substack and/or develop book projects.

Current Weekly and Daily Schedule

  • Monday morning - Writings by senior columnist Tom Cosentino

  • Mondays - Eastern mystical podcasts by EIC David Swindle

  • Tuesday morning - Israel writings and personal reflections by senior columnist P. David Hornik

  • Wednesday - History book reviews by critic Daniel Sherrier

  • Wednesday afternoon - 3-4 faith, culture, and wellness pieces or podcasts at

    edited by EIC Sally Shideler, also her weekly journal

  • Friday morning - Movies reviews and culture commentaries by senior columnist Fred Tribuzzo

  • Friday - Muslim mystical podcasts by EIC David Swindle

  • Saturday - Jewish mystical podcasts by EIC David Swindle

  • Saturday afternoon - 3-4 faith, culture, and wellness pieces or podcasts at

    edited by EIC Sally Shideler

  • Sunday - Culture commentaries and Catholic spiritual writings by senior columnist Alec Ott

  • Sunday - Christian mystical podcasts by EIC David Swindle


  • Book of the Day podcasts by EIC David Swindle - some will be premium, many still free.

  • Morning Playlist music blog posts by Art Director/Associate Editor Mike Kilgore.

Throughout the Week:

  • The Antisemitism and Culture essay series by EIC David Swindle

  • The Joy of Political Sects essay series by EIC David Swindle

  • Culture blog posts by EIC David Swindle

Note: This schedule is our target, some days we may not hit all of content goals. It will also evolve over time. We welcome your feedback on which types of content you most want to see expanded

New Substacks Created by Our Authors:

  • Please check out the new pro-life advocacy publication created by

    called . GOTD Books does not take an official position on abortion and welcomes the contributions and perspectives of kind, thoughtful people on both sides - or in the middle - of this challenging issue. Just as GOTD Books seeks to bring people together across religious and cultural lines, we seek to do the same across ideological lines too. We welcome liberals, conservatives, centrists, and those of other traditions to contribute and collaborate together in a spirit of respect and friendship.

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David Swindle

I am the CEO and Publisher for God of the Desert Books. I am also a journalist primarily writing about antisemitism. Apologies in advance for my perhaps too dark perspective on humanity. ✌️❤️

Mike Kilgore

Owner of Kilgore Art and Design, Art Director, Vice President, and Associate Editor for God of the Desert. Married to my best friend/muse, passionate about art and music, fueled by a love of scifi, fantasy, cartoons, and food.

Daniel Sherrier

Daniel Sherrier writes superhero, fantasy, and science fiction novels. He's a William & Mary graduate, a former community newspaper writer and editor, and a black belt in Thai kickboxing.

P. David Hornik

P. David Hornik, a long-time American immigrant in Israel, now lives in the city of Be'er Sheva and has published novels, stories, poetry, and articles. When he tears himself away from writing, he's a translator-editor and plays the piano.

Dexter Van Zile

Notes from Weimar America.

Jon Bishop

East Coast-er. Poetry editor.

Peter Tanous

Investment consultant and author of many investment books

Sadie-Rae Werner

Student at law, journalist, blogger, dancer, traveler, proud Jewish woman.

Francis Blaise Gillis

Francis Gillis, who lives in Toronto, Canada, attended a minor seminary in the USA, where he fell in love with America. After a career writing for business clients, he now devotes his time to fiction and poetry.

Scott Goolsby

Philosopher, mystic, living and loving life in rural Idaho.

Sally Shideler

Sally Shideler is a writer and editor living in the Mojave Desert with her fiancé and creative partner, David Swindle, and their incorrigible puppy, Jasmine. She is terrified of seafood and can't touch her eyeball.

Alec Joseph Ott

I'm a senior editor for God of the Desert Books. I post my own creative content, my take on cultural topics, social issues, and religion. I've written my own space trilogy to be published soon.

Tom Cosentino

Author - The Art of Looking for Trouble, The Summer We Almost Painted the House (2023)

Carafano, James

Just a guy trying to make sense of this crazy world-veteran, teacher, analyst, writer, and commentator.

Kenny H

Life long learner with an interest in many topics. Interests include comics, games, television, history, politics, and music.

Mary P Madigan

Writer, artist, finding real and imagined reasons to have hope for the future

Ehud Neor

Writing from Israel.

Oren Litwin

Author, editor, lawyer, gadfly.

Bonnie Kilgore

Wife, Mother, artistic creator.